Trapp Family Lodge Costa Rica





-26 guest room with private bathroom and hot water
- Restaurant and bar
- Nice living room
- Laundry Services
- Telephone in each room
- Internet access
- Guided Tour




Take the Inter-American Highway north, after about 150 kilometer, take the gravel road at right hand (just before crossing the Rio Lagarto) and continue for 17 miles to the Trapp Family Lodge.





There are currently no airports servicing the Monteverde area.


Buses to Monteverde from San José and other major cities depart on these schedules:

San Jose – Monteverde
In Barrio Mexico at the old Puntarenas bus station there are two buses that go to Monteverde: one at 6:30 a.m. and another at 2:30 p.m. Tel.: 645-5159 or 222-3854

Puntarenas - Monteverde
From the Paseo de los Turistas in front of the Puntarenas Pear there is one bus at 2:15 p.m. Tel: 645-5159/222-3854

Las Juntas de Abangares - Puntarenas
At the La Irma gas station there is one bus that leaves at 2:30 p.m.
Tel.: 645-5647 / 695-5998

Tilaran – Monteverde
Tilaran Bus Station, departs at 12:30 p.m.
Bus station phone: 645-5647 / 695-5998

All buses leave from the Santa Elena Bus Terminal near the only Catholic Church in town.


Monteverde - San José

Departs: 6:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
Tel: 645-5159/222-3854

Monteverde -Puntarenas
Departs at 6:00 a.m.
Tel.: 645-5159

Monteverde- Las Juntas de Abangares
Departs at 5:30 a.m.
Tel.: 645-5647 / 695-5998

Monteverde- Tilaran
Departs at 7:00 a.m.
Tel.: 645-5647 / 695-5998

Note:  To ride the bus you need to purchase a bus ticket one day prior to departure.  The purchase is non-refundable.


From San José follow Route 1 (Interamericana Hwy) north to a well- marked intersection with signs for Monteverde and Sardinal at Km #135. 

The drive up the mountain from Hwy 1 to Monteverde requires a four-wheel drive (recommended) and some areas the road just drops off- no guard rails- no nothing.  There are several spectacular views to the west as you head up the mountain.  But once you enter the green wonderland of the cloud forests and reserves,  the long bumpy road will quickly be forgotten.

The paved road ends shortly after this turn and a gravel, pot-holed road remains for the last 35 kilometers of steep climbing to Monteverde.  Four-wheel drive is recommended, if not mandatory.


To: Sarchi, Naranjo, San Carlos, San Ramon, Arenal (La Fortuna), Monteverde, Guanacaste, Nicoya Peninsula and Liberia and points in between

To All:

Hwy 1 north- from San José or the airport.  
Route 1 follow signs to San Ramon, center lane— road splits to the left to go to the airport and to the right to go to Alajuela.  Stay in the center lane.  The road becomes two lanes again after merging with traffic coming from Alajuela, but quickly goes to one lane in 50’ or so for a narrow bridge crossing.  After this, the road is two lanes for a while.  

This is a crazy road.  It is a four-lane, undivided highway, with large trucks and vehicles traveling at high speeds.  There are unmarked entrances and exits that people slow down for and merging traffic from the right.  Also, no one seems to know the rule that slower traffic stays to the right, so that the right lane is often the fast lane. Just drive with caution.  

The road goes to one lane again just before the exit for Manuel Antonio and Jacó goes off to the right.  Pass this exit by staying in the left lane and heading northwest.  Cross the bridge over the Río Colorado. The next exit is for Sarchí and Grecia.

To Naranjo, Zarcero and San Carlos (aka Cuidad Quesada):

Continue along Route 1:

Take the exit (Route 141) for Naranjo, Zarcero (24km) and Cuidad Quesada.  Continue along this road, turning left at the yellow blinking light following signs for La Fortuna and Cuidad Quesada.  (There is a gas station here on your right after turning here.)  Continue on through the town of Naranjo, and turn right at the Phillips 66 gas station (there is a sign here), take your first right at the next stop sign.  Pass the restaurant Javier on your left, and bear to the left at the “Y” in the road, following signs for Cuidad Quesada.  At this point, the road becomes a narrow, curving and hilly two-lane road.  

Come into the little town of San Juan, then San Juanillo, Llano Bonito, and then Zarcero.  (There is a chain of stores before arriving in Zarcero on your left where they sell locally-made cheeses, cajetas -a sweet milky cookie- and flowers.  Queso Palmito -Heart of Palm cheese- is a good purchase at any of these stores as are fresh cut flowers.)

Head straight through Zarcero. (As you leave the town of Zarcero, there is a gas station on the left).  The next town is Laguna and then Tapezco, and then Bajo Tapezco.  San Carlos is another 30 minutes to an hour up this road.  The road takes you straight into the center of town.   

Route 141 is in good condition (no pot holes at the time of writing), but the painted lines are faded.  Pass with caution, there are many blind turns.

Driving at night is not recommended.  The mountain pass is often very foggy, with literally two feet of visibility, no road lines and few reflectors.  You will drive in first gear for an hour or more and risk your life.

To San Ramon & Arenal (La Fortuna):

Continue along Route 1, passing the exit for Naranjo.

To go to San Ramon and Arenal, take the next exit (Route 142) and continue straight  and drive through the town, following signs to Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna. Turn left and continue to Los Angeles del Sur. At the green church there is a Y, turn left, following volcano signs. You will pass a cigar factory on your right where you can roll your own cigars.

A bit further there is a bar/restaurant called El Mirador; this is a great spot for a light snack. Next door is a souvenir shop that sells the usual and has clean bathrooms that are free for travelers. Continue on this curvy, mountainous road.

You will cross several bridges over Río La Balsa and Río Catarata. Continue through the town of Las Tunas. After  this town, you'll see an old toll booth—veer left at the Y and follow volcano signs to La Tigra. Pass through La Tigra and go over the new La Tigra Bridge that spans the Peñas Blancas River. Only one car is allowed to cross at a time. Continue through the town of Chachagua and  arrive in La Fortuna.  The town is 64 miles from  the Autopista turnoff and the trip takes approximately 3.5 hours from San José.

To Monteverde: 

Continue along Route 1 (passing the exits for Naranjo and San Ramon) and look for signs to Monteverde / Sardinal at Km #135 (road sign marker).  Turn right and follow signs to Monteverde.  The paved road ends shortly after exiting the main road and turns to a gravely, pot-holed road  the last 35km of steep climbing to Monteverde. Four-wheel drive is recommended, if not mandatory.

To Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula:

Continue north along Route 1.  To go to the Nicoya Peninsula, follow signs for the Tempisque River Bridge, Nicoya and Route 18.  There is a well-marked intersection guiding drivers to the left to go to Nicoya.  

To Liberia:

Pass turn for Tempisque River Bridge and continue north along Route 1. Liberia is several hours north on Route 1, which goes right into central Liberia.

Combination Trips to / from Monteverde / Arenal:

One can arrive in Monteverde via a jeep/boat/jeep,  taxi/boat/taxi or by a horse/boat combo journey from the La Fortuna/Arenal area.  Trips to Arenal from Monteverde are also available.  All these trips transport your luggage seperately and are a great way to experience the Arenal Lake up-close.  Trips cost between $19-25 per person one-way


Trapp Family Country Inn

Just 2 Km from the Airport