Learn a little about the ‘creepy crawlers’ of the area through a visit to the insect museums, butterfly gardens, frog pond and Serpentarium. Once in this coffee rich countryside, take advantage of touring one of the coffee plantations, where you’ll learn about the fascinating coffee production process. In the evening, go on a guided night hike and discover the forest’s nocturnal side.


The architecture of the Trapp Family Lodge is one of a Swiss Chalet, but surrounded by a paradise of verdant rain forest and just minutes from the cloud forest park entrance. Guests can enjoy refreshing drinks at the bar and lounge in the sitting area on the comfortable sofas, great for socializing with friends or reading. Just next to the bar is the fine restaurant which serves great international food.

At the Trapp Family lodge you’ll find spacious and cozy guest rooms, each with a Venetian window. The Superior rooms and Mountain Suites have private bathrooms with hot water and a lovely picture window showcasing views of the cloud forest. In addition, the Mountain Suites come with a private balcony overlooking the gardens.